Why Choose Trapline?

We have over twenty (20) years of experience in this industry and many of our referrals come from our satisfied customers. We stand by and guarantee our work. What makes Trapline Wildlife Services unique is that unlike many other companies, our customers have direct contact to the owners should our customers need to speak with us directly. We recognize and appreciate the fact that our customers trust us to help resolve their problems with one of their biggest assets their residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to address and resolve any and all issues that our customers may have.

Wayne Salicrup, owner and founder of Trapline Wildlife Services has over twenty (20) years of professional experience in this industry, his extensive knowledge and expertise in this area stem from his love of learning about animals and animal behavior. Growing up as a child, he would enjoy watching, Wild America, a wildlife and nature documentary show that was hosted and narrated by Marty Stouffer that aired back in the 1980’s up until 2005. He also enjoyed studying from the Wildlife Treasury, which was an educational animal encyclopedia which was released in the form of wildlife cards that was published for children from 1975-1981 and he also had a monthly subscription to Zoobooks, a magazine about animals, their descriptions, fun facts, and activity pages. His love of learning about animals and animal behavior led Wayne to start a business in this industry, his love of learning continues to this day and it is because of his continued love of learning, Wayne has been able to share his knowledge with others on how to effectively treat and repair any wildlife issues that his customers may encounter. Over the years, he has performed work for major theme parks, universities, city and county buildings, residential and commercial properties.

We would never intentionally sell or mislead a customer to believe that he or she has a problem that doesn’t exist. Prevention is one thing but misleading a customer into buying a service that is not needed is another. Our success here at Trapline Wildlife Servies has been built on trust.

 “Integrity is doing what you know is right regardless of the consequences.” – Wayne Salicrup

 Our team here at Trapline Wildlife Service’s recognize that in today’s economy, workforce development and continuing education is mandatory in order to remain viable in this industry that’s why we continue to take the necessary steps in ensuring that we are up to date with the latest and most humane, safe and cost-effective methods of nuisance wildlife management and control.

                                                                    No Trust = No Customers!

If you are looking for a company that you can trust to help resolve your nuisance wildlife issues, call Trapline today!