Vulture Removal

Vultures can often be seen out on the road eating road kill or dead cattle in pastures. They are also seen flying regularly in circles looking for dead animals to eat. There are two (2) species of vultures in Florida. They are the turkey vulture and the black vulture. Black vultures tend to be more aggressive and may occasionally kill or injure calves, lambs, cows giving birth, or other incapacitated livestock.

Vultures become a nuisance when they enter a building structure to roost or nest. They also tend to congregate on roof tops and have been seen bringing with them their carrion (decaying flesh of dead animals) to eat on the roof tops! Vultures congregating in larger numbers can also cause an accumulation of droppings that can contaminate water and cause respiratory illnesses.

Furthermore, they also cause damage to screen porches and damage shingles on roofs.  They tend to revisit the same dwelling and structures time and time again when there is food nearby.

Although, vultures are state and federally protected as a migratory bird and it is against the law to harm or kill them without the proper authorization and permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Services, there are options available to assist in getting the vultures to relocate to another location.

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