Skunk Removal

We don’t get very many calls for these little guys, but we are sometimes called upon to remove them from homes and businesses. They can be very destructive to lawns and other landscaped grounds due to their “grubbing” behavior as they dig for scarab beetle larvae on which to feed and large areas of sod can be torn up and destroyed overnight. Although their activity may go unnoticed for a while, a skunk may bring attention once they take up residence under a deck, porch, slab foundation or has a confrontation with another animal such as a dog or cat.

Even though the skunk may not have scent sprayed the area, they tend to leave behind a lingering odor that would confirm their presence as to where they have fed and traveled. During the spring, female skunks have their springtime litters within the areas they have excavated from. They have been known to excavate under buildings, porches, decks, and mobile homes. Skunks have been found to be infected with various diseases that may be transmittable to humans such as rabies.

Should you encounter a problem with a skunk, give us a call, as we offer an array of services in the humane trapping and removal as well as damage repair, clean up and odor control.