Pocket Gopher Removal

The pocket gopher is a rodent that lives its life underground. The most common problem associated with pocket gophers is that they produce large amounts of sandy mounds. These mounds can be seen on the surface. This is due to the pocket gopher excavating their tunnels and burrows underground. This in turn causes damage to lawns, gardens, golf courses and crop fields. Gophers dig extensive tunnel systems and are rarely seen on the surface. Their mounds seem to pop up more during the cooler times of year (spring and fall) and it slows down during the hot summer months. They are more active at night, but they may be active during the day as well.

In their natural environment, their diet consists of but is not limited to bulbs, tubers, crown roots, and tap roots. They also have a fondness for peanuts, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, peas and alfalfa. Trapping is the most effective method for controlling pocket gophers. Should you need pocket gopher control and removal, give us a call and we can help eliminate and control your pocket gopher issue.