Fox Removal

Florida is home to two (2) species of fox. The gray and red Fox. The gray fox is a native species and the red fox has been able to expand its range across Florida. They are normally found in open areas during the day and in the evening, they are normally found in open fields and wooded areas.

 Although they are nocturnal, they can be seen feeding during the day and around dawn or dusk. Their diet includes but is not limited to rats, mice, rabbits, acorns, birds and eggs. They have also been known to consume small birds, reptiles, insects, berries, fish and some carrion (decaying flesh of dead animals). We usually get a call requesting assistance with fox removal if it is causing property damage, if their presence is posing a threat to public safety (ex: outbreak of distemper or rabies), or if they are causing an annoyance in, under, or upon a home or building.

Should you need assistance with fox removal give us a call. We can safely and humanely trap and remove the fox as well as provide services in damage repair, clean up and habitat modification to help minimize the chances of having any further issues with another fox taking up residence in your home or office.