Experiencing a pungent odor in your home or office and can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from?  

You’ve checked all the rooms, and everything is neat and tidy? Then perhaps, an animal may have gained access to your home or office through an open entry point and may have died.

Oftentimes, animals that take up residence in your attic, wall or crawl space can die leaving behind bacteria, germs and a strong odor or what we call a “calling card” (ex: urine, feces, body secretions and decomposing animal carcass). This can not only pose as a hazard to your health, but the germs, bacteria and strong odor left behind can attracts other animals to take up residence after the previous animal has been removed even if its been awhile since the animal was removed.

After the removal of the animal, we can deodorize and disinfect the areas that have been contaminated by the animal with a safe triple enzyme, antibacterial deodorizer. Depending on the severity of the contamination, we can customize a treatment plan to get the best results in resolving your problem. Animal proofing your home is strongly recommended to prevent re-entry and further problems to your home or office.

We also offer complete removal and restoration of the insulation in your attic if needed.