Bird Removal

If you are experiencing problems with birds and need assistance, give us a call. We offer services in bird trapping, removal and control for residential, commercial and industrial properties.  We have several years of experience in trapping and removing various types of birds such as sparrows, pigeons, and starlings. We are also a Certified Bird Barrier Installer.

In addition to the trapping, removal and control of birds, we also provide services in the clean up of areas that have been contaminated by the nuisance bird(s) (ex: urines, feces, waste and bird mites). Birds can oftentimes find their way into attics, chimneys, garages, bathroom and dryer vents.

Birds will oftentimes, take up residence in a home or building for several years and can expose the occupants to potential health and respiratory problems.

There are various treatment options available. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified technicians to visit your home or office and provide you with an estimate for services.